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I spot a Nakivoire.

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I sometime run into people who tell me " I am currently wearing your lemongrass shea butter souffle" and as flattering as it is, it isn't as visually exciting as attending events or scrolling on social media and spotting a Nakivoire good!

I get tickled each time I " spot a NaK"

Last Thursday was not exception. I loved watching two brilliant women stand in a room with so much pride and confidence both wearing their Nakivoire headwrap/fabric, in their own way. Oh how that made me proud! Creating with my fingers what became a part of them creating glorious memories...

Poetess and Creative Goddess (the goddess part isn't formal but fitting) Erika Roberts, wearing a Nakivoire headwrap at one of her event for the Chattanooga Hip Hop Summit 2022.

Next to her, artist Kimmie J Soul wearing under her blue jacket, a Nakivoire print as well.

Poet and activist Obbie West in June 2022 with an handcrafted shea butter souffle ( not pictured) and holding ( pictured) a copy of Potions and Passions Poetry and Artwork written by Nakivoire founder, N'nako Kande.

Standing next to him is poetess Nikki Lake who is a loyal Nakivoire supporter who can often be spotted with a Nakivoire headwrap.

Poet and stage actor, Arche Twitty wearing a Nakivoire shirt and custom made hairband at an MFA Poetry Slam in Chattanooga TN back in September, 2022.

Interested in wearing your own Nakivoire goods? Visit the SHOP here on the site and stay tuned for additional goodies to be added to the SHOP.

You can contact us by e-mail or on social media to book your private shopping session (in person or virtually)

If you spot any Nakivoire good in the Chattanooga area or elsewhere, tag us on social media or send us a message.

Nakivoire goods also include artwork, books by N'nako Kande/ N'nako Goodhealthqueen, or events photos.." Do you spot a NaK"?


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