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Kiss dirt and dead skin cells goodbye: The Benefits of the Nakivoire " Glow Scrub."

It comes in many colors and is made of 100% nylon. To most West African, this scrub is an absolute must for bath and shower time.

Considering the hot tropical weather and our active lifestyle, the scrub not only tackles dust, sweat, and dirt but it also exfoliates leaving the skin smooth, fresh and rejuvenate.

Unlike most commercial scrubs this one can last over 12 months and offers other benefits.

Benefits of our " Glow Scrubs"

1) Antibacterial

2) Perfectly exfoliate the skin leaving you with a softer skin.

3) Improve circulation

4) Last 12 months or more

How to use: Use like you would use any bath sponge with soap or shower gel.

After you enjoy your bath or shower, oil or moisturize your glowing skin with some of our Nakivoire treats.

Great for adults and children especially anyone who is very active.

Browse through our Shop to select a color for yourself or as a gift for someone who can enjoy a daily scrub with our Nakivoire Glow Scrub.

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