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" Gotta have this bag" New Arrivals for Spring/Summer 2020

No matter ones age, it's always exciting to receive suitcases full of goodies especially when those gifts are handcrafted and one is obsessed with handcrafted goods by artisans.

As an African and as an artisan myself, nothing excites me like sharing those special goods with loved ones and strangers who turn into friends as I serve them with love.

Yes, I love making things by hands and supporting other artisans but I am most proud of my cultural heritage. I make certain that everything Nakivoire offers is inspired from Africa or made in Africa. Ultimately, it means a lot to me that it's made by an African since I am one and Nakivoire is all about authenticity.

Nakivoire is my way of staying connected to the rich Africanheritage and making others feel " right at home" with me. Every gift is an extended symbol of hospitality and I pray that you and your loved ones would take full advantage of it by shopping Nakivoire and spreading the word.

Most of our New arrival for 2020 consist in clutches, totes and loads of new African print fabrics for headwrap, pillows or anything else you may have in mind.

Browse the SHOP, text us with pictures of what you would like to order and we will joyful send your new gifts to you within 2-3 days.

Let us know on social media how you enjoy your Nakivoire experience!

Happy Shopping!

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