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Happy Healthy & Juicy New Year

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Happy New Year Nakivoire fam!

Let's kickoff this New Year with some healthy drinking, juicing/ making smoothies

I believe that small habits are the ones that tend to help us or mess us up the most.

Making a habit of juicing is one of the small things that I think can impact us the most.

Let's Do It Now:

It’s a New Year and we all know that each year starts with the majority of people making resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle.

The issue with most New Year's resolutions is that most people do actually lack resolve and a plan and a strategy to stick to their " healthy wishes." We get distracted especially when we don't have the support to hold us accountable.

The first months of the year are the coldest for us on this part of the globe. In addition to Fall & Winter seasons being referred to as " Cold & Flu season" the whole world has been dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic for most of 2020.

The idea & the plan:

Flu season, in addition to the global pandemic, requires that we be more intentional and strategic in building our immune system and taking better care of our bodies, and our minds.

We, the Nakivoire family, are inviting you to join us on a healthy and juicy journey for all of 2021.

You only have to commit to one juice/smoothie a day.

I believe that when we start with small changes, the goal is doable and it’s easier to stay consistent.

The beauty of it is that once we are consistent with making just one bottle of juice a day we find ourselves increasing our juice/smoothie intake.

How to participate:

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram

On Facebook on the healthy page & Nakivoire page and post on either pages as a guest/visitor.

Post daily or as often as possible each week using the hashtag #juicewithnak or #juicewithnak365

#juicewithnak365 is actually a commitment to juicing all year.

This is not a 21 day or 30 day challenge, it’s a commitment to create a habit for a whole year so we do hope to see your posts most of 2021.

Making a year commitment to this healthy choice will grant us the opportunity to truly enjoy the mental and physical benefits. When you commit to doing something for a whole year and see how well it impacts you, and positively influences the people around you, it creates a ripple effect that can last a lifetime.

Bonus & Giveaways:

For the next 12-11 months of 2021 Nakivoire is offering a monthly gift to our most consistent juicer using the hashtag #juicewithnak or #juicewithnak365

Is Nakivoire selling any juices?

Nakivoire offers some immunity booster oils/rollers for $15

We are not selling any juices, at least not at the moment but we are committed to offering support and inspiration all along the way. I am doing this for fun and for free and because I don’t want to look crazy alone by always posting about my juices. Happiness loves good company (smiles) and I would love for other people to join me in this fun healthy journey.

Benefits of immunity booster oils & how to use them

The Nakivoire immunity boosters contain olive oil, lemon, sage and eucalyptus essential oil.

A few of the benefits:

  1. vitamin C

  2. antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties

  3. supports a healthy respiratory system

  4. decongestant

  5. aromatherapeutic

Ways to use. *This is not to replace medical advise, like every holistic treatment, please use your best judgement.

Don't wait for a cold or a flu use often by

rolling behind your ears, the sole of your feet, the neck/chest. your spine/back, and wrists

When under the weather, in addition to your regular medical treatment consider rolling your oil every 3 hours.

Need a little help to get started?

What to you would need:

A blender for your smoothies

A juicer of choices

I am not familiar with a lot of brands, I only picked an affordable electric citrus juicer and a masticating juicer on amazon.

Your produces

Where I personally shop: Aldi mainly, Walmart, Linda Produces in East Ridges ( in The Chattanooga area) has in my opinion the best pink grapefruits and ginger/

Benefits of juicing:

There a countless articles on the physical benefits of juicing and the one I am more focused on is right now is the immunity boosting benefit.

However, the true reason why I am encouraging others to join me in this journey is for the mental benefits that are rarely addressed.

Healthy food and clean eating are always praised for weight management or for how they eliminate certain medical conditions from our bodies. However, very little is shared about the mental clarity we gain from eating healthy.

Winter months can be depressing and Covid-19 has put a mental toll on many to say the least.

Increasing our intake of fresh and raw food can give us a lot of mental boost.

Eating more raw food, juicing, drinking smoothies can assist us in feeling more creative, more intuitive and more alert .

From past experience, I believe that our memory is sharper, we are more alert, and more calm when most of our food consumption is raw and fresh.

Why I am not doing a physical challenge:

I am not doing a physical challenge like walking every day for 30 minutes or running 10 miles a week because I find them easy to come by especially at the beginning of the year.

I do encourage you however to make sure that you move every single day, walk, dance, run, skip ropes, have fun your body was made for movement and the healthier you eat the more motivated you may find yourself to move and enjoy your body.

Physical challenges are very popular and most people know that they are supposed to move daily. It’s easier to find or create a small community to be active when you are determined to do so.

What takes more work I believe, is what takes place behind the scenes, in the kitchen.

We constantly have to be trained and retrained to make healthy food choices because we are bombarded with food commercials and advertisement, and that's why I am hoping that making this simple commitment with help us all stay focused and accountable.

When you commit 30-60 minutes to prepping your juices and smoothies for the day or to last you a few days, you are slower to fall back into your bad eating habits because you have that mental note that “ I didn’t spend all that time in the kitchen making all these juices to binge on some junk” so you are more aware of what you eat and gradually become more intentional and strategic about your selections.

Nobody sees you in that kitchen but you, God and those who live with you, but it gets harder to cheat yourself of your efforts when you get serious making your healthy drinks/food.

So let's get juicing!

Join us on social media, get your children, your cousins, your church or reading group, your coworkers and your lovely circle into juicing with you. The more juicers the merrier, remember to follow us and tag or hashtag #juicewithnak #juicewithnak365 and let's see which one of you will be our monthly giveaway winners!

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