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Cooking with Nak: Making Pineapple Beignets with a fun group of kids!

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Beignets is French for donuts but in France and in Ivory Coast where I grew up, beignets taste very different from American donuts. What tastes even more different are pineapple beignets.

This is a favorite recipe from my cookbook " It's a Pineapple Things!" and something so easy to make that even children can prepare them, though I do suggest adult supervision when it's time to lighty fry them.

The steps are easy:

1)Make your batter

I recommend downloading the Kindle version or getting a copy of the book to this yummy recipe and some of my flavor tricks!

2)Dip your pineapple slices

3)Fry lightly in olive oil

Enjoy! They taste best with confectioner sugar.

For convenience I use can pineapple slices. When I use fresh pineapple I love to have fun and cut the pineapple in different shapes.

Want to cook with Nak? Contact us to book a small group session.

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