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Poet by Nature: " My Neck of the Woods" by Nikki Lake.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Poet by Nature is our new NaK poetic corner for rhymes, prose, and lyrics.

Inspired by my upcoming book, The Art of Rooting, Poet by Nature is to serve as a community for people connecting with their roots and nature.

The Art of Rooting is due to be released in August 2023. You can pre-order now the e-book or contact me for an autographed copy.

I am a firm believer in the virtues of nature for our mental and physical well-being. All my published books, and the majority of my poems, and artwork, are a celebration of sorts. Where nature is my undeniable muse.

Enjoy the poetry and please share your thoughts afterward!

Our first Poet by Nature is Nikki Lake who graciously wrote this poem for my upcoming book The Art of Rooting which you can pre-order now on Amazon (e-book only). You can contact me for an autographed copy or order the paperback in August 2023.

The Art of Rooting is not a poetry book but does offer a small selection of poems celebrating the benefits of nature. Nikki's "My Neck of the Woods" is one of them.

Poems and pictures are all subject to copyrights and are the property of the poets.

My Neck of the Woods.

Sometimes It is to start my week beautifully

Sometimes it is to release strange emotions

But it is always my thoughts,



& Cars blowing because I forgot to watch traffic.

The woods are around my temple, Covering us up some and other times exposing us to the winter sky during a chilly morning.

Each Step feels a little lighter than the last.

My Lungs are heavy. (Who thought this was a good idea)

Trip to Arby’s after is a treat.

Sometimes Layers of clothes and slippery leaves on the trail.

I love the air almost as much as the view or the little details of a plant along the way.

In my thoughts

I am dancing on the rocks instead of struggling.

Visions of being a trail runner or moving to the side so a Biker can zip by.

My headphones block out all of the noise from the outside.

Selfies because I am proud of myself for making it another day.

Nikki Lake, Copyrights 2023

Share your thoughts

Is there anything in Nikki's "Neck of the Woods" that sound similar to the way you would describe yours?

How would you describe your " Neck of the Woods"?

What line (s) do you like most from her poem?

Can you see how being in nature benefited her? What are some keywords/lines that evoke the benefits of nature?

Take a few minutes to write a poem of your own and it you want to submit it, you are welcome to be one of our Poet by Nature.

For more nature-inspired poetry: You can order my poetry collections on Amazon or contact me for autographed copies.

For a more interactive experience: You can book a session for a classroom or an event. Both of which can be accommodated virtually regardless of your location and time zone.

For submissions: If you are interested in sharing some poems relating to nature that are kid-family-friendly, please email us for inquiries.

For promotional spots on the blog: We offer promotions for events, books, and brands that support an eco-friendly or healthy lifestyle at large.

( All the poems on this blog are copyrights, and all the rights reserved to their authors)

Left to Right: Nikki Lake & Poet Activist Obbie West shopping Nakivoire & holding an autographed copy of Potions and Passions: Poetry and Artwork.

In the middle: your bilingual and international host N'nako Kande', poet, artist, and author.

On the right with the gorgeous smile: poet Nikki Lake holding her autographed copy of "Potions and Passions: Poetry and Artwork.

Whether you share your poems with us or not, order some NaKbooks notebooks to log your poetic thoughts!

Nikki Lake and I, N'nako Kande', are both proud and active members of the Rhyme N Chatt Interactive Poetry Organization.

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