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I love poetry and always enjoy collaborating with the talented Erika Roberts for her creative events.

Between decorating the stages or setting a table of our handcrafted goodies, teaming with Erika always guarantee a fun cultural experience just like we love it at Nakivoire.

The Queen and Slim Discussion & poetry night was so much fun.

The discussion was inspired by the movie featuring award winning nominee Daniel Kaluuya and actress Jodie Turner-Smith and Erika did a fantastic job asking thought provoking questions addressing love, fate, loyalty, community and racial issues.

Every one of the talented Queens who took the mic after the discussion, shared poems they had written, inspired by the movie and it was fascinating to hear the personal emotions that the movie triggered.

The vibe was beautiful and it was fun serving the attendees with our best selling Shea butter handcrafted vegan skincare and our African prints accessories from West Africa.

You can visit the Shop section on our website to our handcrafted #headrwraps and our African gifts and mew arrivals from Ivory Coast, West Africa.

Visit our Instagram account @Nakivoire for some of the videos of that night.

Credits for the gorgeous photos on this post belong to the talented Morgan Smith of Creative Moon Productions. Morgan Smith has a decade worth of experience behind the lens. Follow her projects on Facebook and Instagram under Creative Moon Productions.

To book Nakivoire for a pop up shop or for an event please email, text or send us a message on social media

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @ Nakivoire

Morgan Smith @CreativeMoonProductions

Erika Roberts @Velvetpoetry

The venue @TheChattery

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