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Trail Life + The Art of Rooting: Living on a trail...

Updated: Nov 15, 2023


It has now been two months since I completed The Art of Rooting (unofficial announcement) and despite the days getting shorter and cooler, and the water being much colder, I am not ready to stay off the trails. Therefore, I am launching this new Blog series to share moments and captures I didn't get to share in the book.

Autumn is my favorite season, so it would be fun to retract my steps and go to the place that inspired me to write the book in the first place.

I haven't decided yet which day of the week will be dedicated to our Trail Life segment, but I am committing myself to sharing a tree a week and some of its benefits.

I invite you to Follow me, N'nako Kande' on TikTok and Instagram for more clips and photos that may or may not be added to this weekly Trail Life Blog series.

The first tree of our Trail Life series is the Shagbark Tree.

When I first spotted it over a year ago, I was very amused by its texture. It made me think of dresses from the Great Gatsby era because of how the bark would hang. It is actually the tree that inspired me to pay more attention to the texture of the rest of the trees in the forest and eventually led to me showing more interest in the benefit of the trees on the trails.

An excerpt from the book and some of the benefits of the Shagbark.

What do you think of the Shagbark? What tree has a texture that you particularly love and why?

Isn't it cool that in addition to being fun to look at some trees also have some special uses and benefits? Do you have a favorite tree that you like for its medicinal benefits or practical use?

Trees do make me reflect a lot on life.

What does the word "root" evoke in you?

What could "trail life" mean to you metaphorically?

Please share your thoughts below and your reviews on Amazon after you enjoy our very special transcontinental hike through The Art of Rooting.

Learn more about this randonnee and our fellow "hikers" aka contributors by reading previous posts.

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