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Poet By Nature: Poem " Natural" by Kelly Hanwright

Happy Spring 2024.

Welcome to another season of our Poet by Nature Series.

With Earth Day 2024 being just a few days away, it's time to reconnect with nature lovers and poetic souls.

Today's poem is from poet, author, and artist Kelly Hanwright, a fellow member of the Rhyme N Chatt organization which I have been a part of for the past two and half years or so.

Aside from sharing the stage on a few occasions, Kelly and I also share a love for nature and hiking and a commitment to mental health.

The artwork below is an original artwork she painted this week.

Artwork by Kelly Hanwright


by Kelly Hanwright

A natural life is what I want

where yellow spaghetti willows hang down

over days crested by a sun so scorching hot

it will burn the obscurity from your soul

in just ten minutes.

The home I make there is

grown up with vines,

permeated with love,


and nourishment.

In the doorway

hangs a colorful rag curtain to block out

only the weather and wind.

On the stoop,

a bright-eyed dog

drowsily enjoys the permanent light.

Memories of Poetic Moments shared with Kelly!

Chattown Poets June 2, 2022.

On this occasion, we both shared three poems and answered questions related to the poems.

I performed my poems in French and English and illustrated them with props. One of them being a veil that I always wear when I share the Self-Love Blessing which you can enjoy on YouTube or listen to on Spotify or Apple Music.

You can enjoy the whole night of poetry here Chattown Poets

Closing the evening holding copies of the books we both shared our poetry from. Kelly's Locust Year and My Potions & Passions, one of my 9 solo books and the first book I illustrated with my artwork.

A more recent memory from we were making history with Rhyme N Chatta as the first poets to Rock The Riverfront.

Mixing poetry with Live Music performed by Zowie Boyd & her band was such a special and beautiful experience.

Since the nature (pun intended of this series is to encourage more people to connect with nature please subscribe to the Blog for more Poet by Nature features and check The Trail Life series and The Art of Rooting Conversation series.

Get a copy of The Art of Rooting on Amazon or contact me for signed copies or bookings.

This Earth Day 2024 be more intentional in committing to a greener life, every effort counts.

If you have some children or young people in your life, get some copies of Little Corey & Cousin Nia's Fun Trip to the Farmers Market and enjoy a story that would inspire you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and take you to three continents.

Bio - Kelly Hanwright (aka AuthentiK) is a poet, artist, and blogger. She lives in the beautiful smoky mountains with her 2 dogs, tiger-cat, and a very old guinea pig. Raised by a parent with untreated mental illness, she seeks to empower others to give voice to their trauma through writing, to raise awareness of mental health journeys, and to erase stigma. Find her works, including publication links, on her website at Find her memoir in poetry. The Locust Years, on

Which of Kelly's lines spoke the most to you?

What do you like most about the painting?

When was the last time you spent time in nature?

Journal about the way nature benefits your well-being and mental health.

Thank You for joining our Poetic Nature!

Visit the Blog to enjoy more stories, visit the Shop contact us for an order, email for event bookings or speaking or cultural workshops get some books for yourself, or donate to a school or a group. N'nako Kande' : n'nako kande

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